College of Education Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The College of Education at East Carolina University cultivates an environment of academic excellence and intellectual inquiry that provides students with a welcoming place to learn and make new friends, and access to resources and opportunities of one of the region’s most innovative research universities. The COE’s success can be measured by the unprecedented support of our students by our faculty, administration, and support staff.

The COE is committed to the vision of developing tomorrow’s talent. The COE strengthens the educational experience by fostering an environment enriched by students’ and faculty’s varied backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities.

The mission of the College of Education is the preparation of professional educators and allied practitioners, including professionals in business information systems, counseling, electronic media, and librarianship. Significant to this mission is a strong commitment to three important related areas, all of which are realized through partnerships and other endeavors. These three areas are:

  1. the encouragement and nurturing of professional growth for educators and allied practitioners at all levels and in all areas of the educational endeavor;
  2. a continuing emphasis on and support for scholarship and research/creative activity;
  3. and service in all areas of professional education.

Critical to such commitment is the promotion of effective teaching; staff participation in the improvement of schools; and, in concert with other state agencies, the development and creation of educational policy for North Carolina.

In this strategic planning process, the COE aims to align its goals and priorities with the mission of East Carolina University which accomplishes these through the mission of serving as a national model for student success, public service, and regional transformation.

The COE began its strategic planning process from a position of strength. The COE is a leader in the state for producing quality educator preparation professionals.

COE Strategic Plan Priorities 2021-2022

Learning Exchanges

As noted in the timeline the COE provided four learning exchanges to capture student, faculty and staff input using the following questions:

  • What does the COE do well?
  • What can the COE do better?
  • What should the COE look like in five years?

On behalf of the College of Education Council and Planning Committee, we appreciate the vast participation in the learning exchanges. The events proved to be a worthwhile investment of our colleges time and energy. Throughout the process the COE has compiled the suggestions which will be shared at the spring COE faculty and staff meeting and posted on the strategic planning website.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Hodge, assistant dean, or any member of the planning committee listed below:

  • Melissa Wren
  • Janeé Avent Harris
  • Catherine Schwartz
  • Darian Thrailkill
  • Lora Lee Smith Canter
  • Larry Hodgkins

For any additional comments or suggestions, please access the following link to fill out the form.