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Graduate Opportunities

Are you interested in advancing your graduate level coursework? There are two programs that can advance your graduate level coursework in mathematics education.

Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Education

Master of Arts in Education High School Mathematics

Highlands Biological Station Summer Courses for Educators

This summer Highlands Biological Station in Highlands, NC will offer several 1-week workshops for biology, life science, environmental science and other educators grades K-12).  Participants can earn either 3 CEUs or 1 hour of graduate credit per 1-week course.


Mountain Biodiversity,  June 24-29, Instructor: Karen Kandl

Sharing the Stories of Science, July 1-6, Instructor: Nancy Lowe

Workshops, costs, and additional information can be found on this page below the course offerings.

Workshop and Instructor Information

Mountain Diversity: We will explore the biodiversity of the southern Appalachian mountains, including the diversity of aquatic invertebrates, plants,  salamanders, and terrestrial arthropods. We will take several field trips to local areas in western North Carolina and work in a diversity of habitats. All of the activities that we do in this course can be easily modified for different grade levels and a variety of different locations so that educators can use these tools for teaching in their own classrooms.

Sharing the Stories of Science: Telling the stories of science in creative ways, including drawing and other visual arts, sculpture, photography, video,  and writing.


Workshop fee:  $150 per workshop

Course credit fee: Workshops may be taken for one semester hour of graduate credit through Western Carolina University.  The fee is $85 per workshop plus a $50 application fee for non-WCU students.

Housing fee: $75-125, depending on accommodations (optional)

Financial Aid: The Highlands Biological Foundation, Inc. offers limited financial aid, typically a subsidy for a portion of the course fee, available to qualified students.  Contact the Station at 828-526-2602 for further information.

Please visit our website or call 828-526-2602 for more information.