SEFR – Online

Special Education, Foundations, and Research

Online Degree Programs & Alternative Licensure

In addition to our traditional undergraduate program offerings, SEFR is proud to offer our Special Education degrees in an online format designed specifically for transfer students from community colleges in the state of North Carolina. Visit Partnership Teach, below, for more information.

Moreover, SEFR offers programs for Licensure Only and Add-On Areas for individuals with a teaching license or degree in another area of study. For those with an undergraduate degree in an area other than special education who have been hired by a school district as a special education teacher, the Residency in Special Education (RISE) is designed to assist residency candidates in meeting the residency licensure requirements. The Educator Residency Model at ECU includes 18 credit hours of coursework. Contact ECU’s Office of Alternative Licensure for more information about starting the program today!