Research Support & Resources

Office of Research & Innovation

Research Support & Resources

Under the direction of the Associate Dean, the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) encourages faculty, staff and students to engage in individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary inquiry, creative endeavors, and entrepreneurship. ORI provides assistance to COE faculty, staff and students in a variety of areas, including:

  • Developing research, creative endeavors, and/or entrepreneurial ideas and efforts
  • Connecting with other scholars
    • Stay tuned for our Active Researchers page to learn more about who is conducting research and their areas of expertise
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Submitting funding applications
  • Administering grant awards
    • Contact Ms. Lovett at to schedule an appointment to discuss a currently funded effort
  • Assistance in meeting research compliance requirements
    • Contact Dr. Dickerson at to schedule an appointment to discuss IRB issues or other compliance-related issues
  • Purchasing and Travel Assistance
  • For any other questions/needs, contact Dr. Dickerson at to schedule an appointment to discuss


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Travel Approval/Reimbursement

To request travel on a grant the PI needs to submit a prior approval travel checklist form to Mr. Raymond Mock (Post-Award).

View detailed information on travel reimbursement