Pre-Award Services

Pre-award services are provided to assist and facilitate faculty efforts to develop quality research and  competitive proposals for sponsored funding.

Research Development:
  1. Funding Opportunity Identification and Dissemination
  2. Support the development of research teams
  3. Interact and coordinate with funding agencies and institutional leadership.
  4. Support research teams to develop and pilot ideas which may be fundable in the future.
Funding Opportunities and Proposal Development:
  1. Interpret and evaluation sponsored funding guidelines and RFPs for match to ongoing research and research  development.
  2. Develop funding opportunity database to enhance distribution of information and to assist researchers on interpreting  proposal preparation instruction and guidelines.
  3. Implement a system to maintain faculty research profiles and analyze publishing patterns.
  4. Assist researchers in the preparing proposal forms, collecting and organizing requisite documents, and editing proposal  documents.
  5. Assist researchers in developing their proposal budget.
  6. Assist researchers in collecting sub-recipient scopes of work, and budget and compliance documents.
  7. Support collaborative research and facilitate  and develop comprehensive proposals for: curriculum improvement, institutional enhancement, and institutional initiatives.
  8. Develop structured programs to educate faculty and staff.
Proposal Review and Submission:
  1. Proposal  review ensures a complete understanding of the commitments made in the  proposal, inclusive of requirements for cost share, facilities and space, additional personnel, and sub-recipients.
  2. Proposal review ensures all  institutional requirements are met and the proposal is aligned with College and  institutional research priorities.
  3. Proposal review ensures all document  requirements for submission to the sponsor are met and the documentation is formatted  in accordance sponsor requirements.
Award Review:
  1. The issuance of the award document generally marks the beginning of the award acceptance process.
  2. Federal agencies issue grant award notifications, cooperative agreements, and contracts.
  3. Private Foundations and Non-Profits send grant award letters and agreements.
  4. Commercial entities may deliver a Purchase Order.
  5. The depth of an award review depends on the type of award document and its terms and conditions.
  6. Many federally issued grant awards, for example NIH and NSF, include standard terms and conditions which are  acceptable “as is”.
  7. Grant awards issued by organizations that do not use standard terms and  conditions may require a more in depth review before they are officially accepted.