Post-Award Services

Post-award services facilitate and support Principal Investigator efforts on managing grants, complying with institutional and sponsor guidelines, and completing all grant program  activities.

Award Set-Up Account Details
  1. Principal Investigator (PIs) for the grant
  2. Award sponsor and award amount
  3. Award category (research, instruction, public  service, other)
  4. Award term (start and end dates)
  5. Effort Reporting and Cost Share
  6. F&A rate and distribution
  7. Budgetary controls (overall budget or line  item limits, and prior approval requirements).
  8. Performance and financial reporting  requirements and other deliverables.
Award Administration & Support
  1. Management and reconciliation of  award budget.
  2. Distribution of monthly budget reports  to PIs.
  3. Process and manage all personnel assignments (permanent and temporary) on grants.
    • EHRA teaching
    • EHRA non-teaching
    • SHRA
    • Graduate Assistants
    • Students
  4. Process and manage all business transactions on grants.
    • Purchasing (PORT, ProCard)
    • Contractual Service Agreements
    • Contractual Payments
    • Direct Payments
    • Invoice Payments
    • Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursements
    • Process and manage cost share and effort reporting, in collaboration with the PI, on each grant.
    • In collaboration with PI, prepare A-21 Requests for Cost Exception.
Award Close-Out
  1. Communicate with PIs regarding timelines for closeout and reporting.
  2. Confirm the project will end and no extensions are required.
  3. Identify questionable expenditures and costs that will fall outside the project period.
  4. Confirm all cost transfers and effort certifications are complete.
  5. Ensure requisite cost sharing has been completed by the end of the award and that supporting documentation is on file.
  6. Evaluate any/all adjustments to F&A.
  7. Move any/all unallowable costs to departmental suspense account in accordance with institutional procedures.
  8. Confirm that financial reporting is complete and all funds due and receivables are accounted.