REI – Northeast Collaborative PD Project

Northeast Collaborative PD Project

The Rural Education Institute (REI) at ECU is proud to be partnering with the Northeast Collaborative on this Professional Development Project. In collaboration with local mentor teachers, coaches, and district personnel, REI has developed PD packages to assist teachers in developing understanding, skills, and reflective practices in several important areas related to teaching and learning in the classroom. 

The PD has been designed with the needs of beginning teachers (BTs) in mind but can be accessed by any teacher in the Collaborative wanting to improve their relationships with students and parents, develop specific skills, or reflect more deeply on their practice. 

Participants will work through each of the packages based on the direction of your mentor teacher or district coach. All of the packages have a set number of activities that you will work through at your own pace and a Mursion simulator experience you will do with other teachers in your district. These activities include readings, online modules from Sanford Inspire, application activities, Mursion simulation experiences, and reflective coaching experiences. 

To complete the PD packages you will need to access the Inspire On-Demand PD Modules. To gain access, please sign-up for a free account at the Sanford Inspire Module website: (Click on the green button on the left to Access On-Demand Modules and follow the directions to sign up for a free account using your school email and a password of your choice). 

Each PD Package has an application activity utilizing the Mursion simulator to practice what you are learning. This simulation time will be scheduled by individual districts for small groups of BTs and their mentor teachers or coaches. The Mursion District Liaison has the ability to schedule Mursion time in one-hour increments. When you are ready for the Mursion experience please work with your mentor teacher or coach to determine a time and request scheduling with your District Mursion Liaison.

Participants will work with a mentor teacher, coach, or district leader to decide which PD Package to focus on and in what order. Packages are set up to work at your own pace but your district may have additional requirements based on their BT Support Program. Click below for access to individual PD Packages. 

Classroom Management (Establishing Routines and Expectations and Creating a Learning Environment)

This training is designed to help participants understand the importance of establishing clear routines and expectations for students and developing an orderly learning environment that enhances students’ academic skills and competencies, as well as their social and emotional development. 

Classroom Management (Managing Student Behavior)

This training is designed to help participants ultimately manage student behavior more effectively by exploring best practices in creating classroom rules with student involvement, learning strategies for proactive classroom management, and understanding the importance of clear and explicit directions. 

Communicating with Parents

This training is designed to help participants understand the importance of effective communication with parents. Participants will gain understanding in strategies for effectively communicating with and engaging parents in their child’s education. Barriers to parent involvement will be explored as well as  skills for building relationships with parents and inviting their participation. 

Building Relationships

This training is designed to help participants understand the importance of building professional relationships with students and colleagues. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to establish these relationships and the important role this professionalism plays in the learning environment.  

Additional Modules Coming Soon

Effective Instruction (Cooperative Learning and Student Discussions)

This training is designed to help participants explore student behaviors needed for group work, how to structure cooperative learning experiences for students, and examine specific examples of from the classroom. Participants will then consider what makes student discussions effective, explore strategies for preparing for student discussions, and practice effective question-delivery. 


This training is designed to help participants gain a basic understanding of motivation theory, develop a classroom environment that fosters inspiration, and how to help students see the value in being successful in their schooling. Participants will practice using motivational strategies with an unmotivated student.

Differentiated Instruction (Preparing to Differentiate Instruction)

This training is designed to give participants an understanding of what differentiated learning is and how it will help student learning. Participants will gain an understanding of what a learner profile is and how it impacts differentiated instruction. 

Differentiated Instruction (Differentiation Strategies)

This training is designed to help participants learn strategies to use when implementing differentiation in their classrooms. Participants will gain an understanding of the many different ways to differentiate learning through knowledge of multiple intelligences, performance tasks, and student choice.