Project I4 – Overview

Overview of Project I4

Project I4: Innovate, Inquire, Iterate, and Impact: Igniting the Power of Networked Improvement Communities to Enhance Professional Learning for Educational Leaders. This $9.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education SEED (Supporting Effective Educator Development) office is the largest grant the College of Education has ever received.

The grant is led by primary investigator Matt Militello, the Wells Fargo Distinguished Professor for ECU’s Department of Educational Leadership in the College of Education. Militello is joined by co-investigators Len Annetta and Charity Cayton with the College of Education’s Department of Math, Science and Instructional Technology.

The grant has partnered with the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, DC—IEL works with under-resourced communities to equip leaders to better prepare children, youth, adults, and families for postsecondary education and training, rewarding careers, and civic and community engagement. We are also working with the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services who have a school wide leadership feedback process that will benefit our participants. Finally, we are working very closely with our very own North Carolina-based SparkPlug Games to develop a virtual reality platform.