Partnership Teach Profiles


Some of our Partnership Teach Fellows were featured by ECU News. Learn more about Brittany Robertson, Eman Hanshali, Raven Spencer and Caleb Morgan.

Serving Rural


Cameron Bates, Class of 2017

After serving in the military, Cameron returned home to Craven County and worked for a boat manufacturer.  When he was laid off, he had time to take his daughter to school and began volunteering in her classroom.  That is when he fell in love with teaching!  He says, “when you walk into a room full of kids and their faces light up, you forget about any problem that you have because you become that ‘super person.’” Cameron enrolled at Craven Community College before transferring to ECU to complete his B.S. in Elementary Education through Partnership Teach.  Cameron is now the “super person” for elementary students at Vanceboro-Farm Life Elementary School in Craven County!
Melissa Canter, Class of 2017

As a single mom, Melissa moved to North Carolina from Tennessee with her daughter.  She had a goal to complete her bachelor’s degree but was undecided on a major.  When exploring ECU’s online opportunities, she found Partnership Teach and never looked back. Melissa completed her prerequisite coursework at Catawba Valley Community College and then her bachelor’s degree at ECU through online instruction.  “I was able to begin and finish an education program while raising two children and working.  The professors were great and made the experience like I was actually living on campus! I always felt like a ‘real’ student.”  In 2019, Melissa received recognition as Alexander County’s Beginning Teacher of the Year and was a finalist for the NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year Award.
Candace Hines, Class of 2018
Candace grew up in a family of educators.  Her grandmother was a teacher and instilled in her the desire to help others and to give back.  She became a teacher assistant in Pitt County as was recognized as the Teacher Assistant of the Year.  Even though she lived in Greenville, home of the ECU Pirates, attending classes to complete her bachelor’s degree was not an option while working.  Candace took classes at Pitt Community College and them completed her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at ECU through online enrollment in Partnership Teach.  She says the convenience of the part-time online model allowed her to continue working and being an active mom.  Now Candace is giving back just as her grandmother inspired her to do by teaching in Pitt County.  She inspires her students daily with “the places they will go!”
Emily Shearin, Class of 2019
Emily is a self-proclaimed “homebody” from Vance County.  While she loved education and felt drawn to become a teacher, the cost and distance to attend a university were not appealing.  Emily learned about Partnership Teach from a family friend who completed the program and decided to find out more. She completed her degree while working full-time by starting at Vance-Granville Community College and then finishing her coursework online at ECU.  She knew she made the right decision when she was working in a field placement for her online course and met a student who had a reputation for trouble.  While working with him he completed all of his assignments inspired Emily to become a teacher to make a difference for students who struggle.
Lauren Jarman, Class of 2019
As a stay at home mom of 4, Lauren’s schedule revolved around her children and family.  While she was always drawn to teaching, going to school full-time while raising her family was not an option.  Partnership Teach provided her the opportunity to access her coursework online so she could pace herself and complete her degree while keeping up with her family’s schedule.  She graduated from Johnston Community College in 2013. After exploring other options, she decided ECU’s online Partnership Teach was perfect fit.  She paced herself to begin at ECU so that she could do her internship when her youngest child started kindergarten.  Lauren admits she made a few mistakes along the way but is proud to persevere with a 3.9 GPA!  Lauren wants future students to know that “even if you don’t think you can do it, don’t let anything stop you.  You don’t come into this isolated and alone.  You have a cohort and advisor to support you the whole way.”