Data Dashboards

COE/EPP Business Intelligence Data Dashboards

Please Note: The Student Profile Dashboard is currently undergoing updates by ITCS. Terms affected by the updates include Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022. All other dashboards, and terms prior to Fall 2021 on the Student Profile Dashboard, are unaffected by these updates.

The Office of Assessment, Data Management, and Digital Learning has developed four interactive Power Business Intelligence Data Dashboards for faculty and staff. The dashboards include data for all Educator Preparation Programs across the university as well as all programs within the College of Education. These interactive dashboards provide faculty and staff access to a variety of data points and graphics pertaining to enrollment, admissions, student success, undergraduate internship placements, and edTPA performance.

The dashboards can be accessed by College of Education and Educator Preparation Program faculty and staff using ECU credentials.

The dashboard user guide provides information on using and navigating the dashboards.

Ad Hoc Data Requests

OADD is the main source for COE faculty data requests for research, program improvement, accreditation, and external surveys. Our office has access to ECU and COE primary data sources and works directly with faculty to process data requests. Please refer to the FAQ’s below when requesting data.

How do I submit a COE data or survey request?

When requesting data from OADD, you will first need to submit a ticket to the College of Education Help Desk:

Request Type > Faculty/Staff Tech Support > 5. Data/Survey Requests

What type of data is typically requested?

  • COE student performance data (edTPA and Taskstream reports)
  • Sonia undergraduate internship placement data
  • ECU student data (enrollment and graduation information, student demographics, etc.)
  • Creation of ecuBIC reports
  • COE specific survey data and survey creation

Are there restrictions to what data I can request?

Yes. When requesting information for research purposes, data pertaining to any of the 13 HIPAA Identifiers requires proof of IRB Approval.

Examples of the most common HIPAA Identifiers requested include:

  • SSN
  • Banner ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Zip Code

When should I submit my request?

  • Data requests and Qualtrics Survey creation = no less than 2 weeks prior to date needed
  • ecuBIC Report creation = no less than 4 weeks prior to date needed (ecuBIC reports take time to build/test to ensure information being generated is accurate.)

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding what data is available?

Mary Worthington
COE Information Manager/Sonia Administrator