High School Science Teacher

Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Instructional Technology

High School Science Teacher Concentration

Our Bachelor of Science in Science Education program is unique:

  • Allows students to choose a 24-hour concentration in either Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics
  • Successful completion of this program makes graduates eligible for a NC Teaching License in Science (9-12)

Benefits of Program:

  • Dual Degree Opportunity – Due to the overlap in many required courses, students often decide to get a dual degree in one of these scientific disciplines
  • Marketability – The comprehensive 9-12 science teaching license is highly desired by employers, as it allows students to teach all high school science courses. Science teachers are in high demand in our state and across the nation.
  • Scholarship Opportunities – Due to the high need of middle and secondary science teachers, scholarship and loan-forgiveness opportunities are available. Contact our Director of Students, Dr. Ron Preston (prestonr@ecu.edu or 252-328-9355) for more information.