High School Math Teacher

Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Instructional Technology

High School Mathematics Teacher (BS Mathematics, Secondary Education)

Are you passionate about the study of mathematics? Have you ever found that helping others to solve a problem or understand a mathematics concept is rewarding? Then teaching high school mathematics may be for you!

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education prepares students to teach high school mathematics, but graduates are also qualified to teach middle grades mathematics. Since high school mathematics teaching positions have been the hardest to fill in North Carolina for the past several years, graduates of the program are in high demand.

Mathematics education majors get multiple opportunities to work with master teachers in the high school setting and profit from ECU’s Clinical Schools Network. A large group of talented faculty members teach courses in laboratory settings with cutting-edge technology and provide instructional and mentoring support for students.

ECU’s mathematics teacher preparation program is distinguished from most by its addition of pedagogical content courses to the traditional mathematics and mathematics methods preparation. These applied mathematics courses treat high school mathematics curriculum in an advanced and connected manner, focusing on alternate solution strategies, multiple representations, and student misconceptions.

The mathematics education program has received awards, as has its faculty, students, and alumni. While in the program, students are encouraged to join local, state, and national mathematics education organizations and to attend professional development. Through the direction of the local student-lead mathematics education organization and program courses, students engage in numerous mathematics activities outside the classroom.