MSITE – Instructional Technology as Electives

Take Instructional Technology Courses as Electives

We welcome students from other degree programs to take instructional technology courses as electives (these courses have the prefix EDTC). The majority of our courses are offered online, and many of our courses are recommended electives for other degrees. If you are interested in learning more about developing instruction using innovative tools and strategies, please review our course descriptions and talk with your advisors to see how you may include Instructional Technology courses into your program of study.

Any of our courses which do not have a prerequisite may be used as electives. Many students earn a certificate in Instructional Technology while completing another degree!

If students outside the College of Education (COE) want to enroll in the course and receive an error message because there is a Banner code that limits registration to COE students, please contact Ron Preston (; 252-328-9355) so that our office can complete the registration.

Below is a list of our courses which can be used as electives
EDTC 6010 – Introduction to Instructional Technology
EDTC 6020 – Principles of Instructional Design
EDTC 6035- Integrating Technology into the English/LA, SS, and Information Skills Curriculum
EDTC 6037 -Integrating Technology into the Math, Science, and Healthful Living Curriculums
EDTC 6045 – Human-Computer Interface Design
EDTC 6070 – Digital Literacy for 21st Century Classrooms
EDTC 6075 – Instructional Simulations and Games
EDTC 6135 – Instructional Graphics for Educational Media
EDTC 6139 – Selection and Integration of Multimedia for PreK-12 Schools
EDTC 6149 – Planning and Administration of School Technology Programs
EDTC 6240 – Virtual Reality: Principles and Applications
EDTC 6300 – Introduction to Distance Learning
EDTC 7030 – Web Teaching: Design and Development
EDTC 7035 – Designing K-12 PD for Delivery in Online and Blended Learning Environments
EDTC 7040 – Instructional Strategies for Distance Learning
EDTC 7125 – Training Systems Engineering