Principal Fellows Program

Participation as a North Carolina Principal Fellow (NCPF) enables the individual to obtain an MSA degree after completing a one year full-time academic program on campus and a full-time internship at a public school in North Carolina. A NCPF receives a scholarship loan which provides $30,000 the first year and 60% of a first year assistant principal’s salary and an internship stipend determined by the General Assembly the second year. The total amount varies according to the state salary schedule and the amount for the internship determined by the General Assembly. This year’s second year NCPFs will receive an internship stipend of $15,124 for ten months and $26,786 from the Principal Fellows Program.

NCPFs are expected to complete the MSA degree in two years and agree to meet the standards set by the NC Principal Fellows Commission. The NCPF agrees to practice as a full-time administrator for four years within six years following completion of the master’s degree. Individuals who do not complete the program or serve in an eligible position for four years must repay the debt in cash at an interest rate of 10%. (Specific requirements for details are included on the NCSEAA website under rules and regulations.)

For more information about the Principal Fellows Program, take about 10 minutes and watch the Principal Fellows Program Introductory webinar.