NC Supervision License

North Carolina Curriculum Instructional Specialist

The curriculum instructional specialist licensure only program is designed to prepare individuals to become curriculum and instruction leaders in their communities. Program studies include teacher leadership, school law, instructional leadership, and communication with home, school, and community. The program consists of 20-semester hours (including a 3-hour internship experience). After completing the course requirements, students are eligible to take the appropriate licensure exam.  Following successful completion of the exam, students are awarded the Instructional Supervision License (113).

Admission Requirements

All individuals seeking the curriculum instructional specialist license must have:

  • A master’s degree in education, or a related educational field from a regionally accredited university
  • A minimum of three years of educational experience
  • A valid NC education license: “M” level SP2.

Program Requirements

In order to pursue the licensure only program, the application must apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student through the Graduate School.

Start of the program: second summer term (typically the last week in June)

Length of the program: 20 semester hours, including a 3 hour internship

Delivery Method

Option 1: hybrid model with coursework delivered both face-to-face and online

Face-to-face meetings are held off-campus at partner locations (school, district office), which vary each year based on the location of the majority of the students.

Courses are held in the evenings, one night per week, from approximately 5:00 – 8:30pm.

Option 2: 100% online


Courses in this program are designated as Distance Education.  The Distance Education tuition rate for in-state students is approximately $250 per credit hour — $750 per course. See ECU Cashier Website for more information and out-of-state rates.

Program of Study

Core courses: LEED 6903, LEED 6904, LEED 6906, LEED 6908, ADED 6550 or ELEM 6550

Internship course: LEED 6925

Course Descriptions

LEED 6903. Micro-political Leadership and Decision-Making within a Legal Context (3 sh). Effective decision-making within the context of school organizations and legal contexts.

LEED 6904. External Development Leadership for Cultivating Partnerships (3 sh). School community partnerships and effective communication skills with internal and external stakeholders.

LEED 6906. Human Resource Leadership for Professional Growth (3 sh). Effective recruitment, placement, induction, mentoring, evaluation, development, and empowerment of teachers and staff.

LEED 6908. Instructional Leadership for Teaching and Learning (3 sh). Integrating purposeful and proactive organization, sequencing, and management of teacher and student interactions.

ADED 6550/ELEM 6550. Leadership and Communication Skills in Education (3 sh). Teacher leadership, communication, and reflective practice in schools. Addresses organizational challenges and facilitates positive change.

LEED 6925. Internship in Management, Leadership, and Supervision (5 sh). Development and refinement of K-12 leadership, management, and supervisory skills.