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ECU Educational Leadership EdD, International Cohort


Program Overview

ECU is a member institution of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). This group is focused on making the EdD a true doctoral degree for practitioners. As such, the aim is to create an experience that honors the time and wisdom of full-time practitioners coupled with a learning experience that will ultimately improve their practices.

At ECU we have created a CPED inspired program that is three years-all in.

That is, the course work and “problem of practice” (AKA dissertation or capstone project) are embedded throughout the three year program. Students will engage in a participatory action research project that is focused on an issue in their current work setting.

The EdD was successfully launched in 2016. Two cohorts of students have earned their EdD (Cohort I-May 2019, Cohort II-May 2021) and two cohorts of students are scheduled to graduateĀ  in the future (Cohort III-May 2023, Cohort IV-May 2025).

Our uniquely designed EdD is tailored to meet the needs of full time practitioners. Program features include:

  • A 3 Year Degree Program Including Dissertation
  • On-line Fall and Spring Courses
  • All students will be required to attend a summer learning exchange the last 2 weeks of June each summer in Bangkok
  • Face-to-Face Dissertation Coaching (Scheduled Individually)

Our next cohort begins in June 2024.

The application will be available Fall 2023.

Read about the ECU International EdD in a recent publication:

A University at the Center of Change: Preparing Educational Activists and Change Leaders