IDP – Counselor Education – Admission

Master of Science in Counselor Education - Admission

Presently, the Counselor Education program admits students for the summer and fall terms. Applications for both summer and fall admissions are due by January 15th.

Selection for admission is based on these criteria:
  1. Academic achievement- Applicants must first meet the requirements of the Graduate School, which includes at least a 2.75 undergraduate GPA. Failure to meet these requirements keeps applicants from meeting the minimum standards for the Graduate School.  All undergraduate majors are considered.
  2. Demonstrated leadership or significant work experience- Candidates are expected to demonstrate leadership and experiential qualities through activities such as student teaching, human service activities, and volunteer work.
  3. Letters of recommendation- Three letters of recommendation should be included in the application. These letters should be from supervisors, former professors, and others who attest to the candidate’s ability and potential as a future counselor.
  4. Statement of Intent- All applicants to the program will be required to include a Statement of Intent with application materials. This statement should highlight applicants’ reasons for applying to the Counselor Education program.
  5. Competitive Process – Admission into graduate programs is a competitive process.  Having strong scores and high GPAs does not guarantee an applicant admission into the Counselor Education program.  Not everyone who applies is granted admission into the program and the Counselor Education faculty make final decisions regarding those applicants who are admitted into the program.Newly admitted students are asked to complete COAD 6400-Introduction to Counseling and Human Services, COAD 6404-Counseling Theories, and COAD 6409-Counseling Skills and Techniques, early in their program to make appropriate progress towards graduation. Student progress is reviewed by counselor education faculty as part of continued matriculation through the program.

Graduate School Admissions

Application for admission to the Graduate School is made on forms furnished by the Graduate School. All applicants for admissions pay a nondeductible, non-refundable fee. The application form and all supporting documents should be received by the Graduate School, Ragsdale Building, (252) 328-6012. The online application can be found at

Masters degree in counselor education, the deadline for applications is January 15th for both summer and fall terms. Applicants are asked to furnish official transcripts from each institution attended since high school and at least three letters of recommendation. Once the application is complete and has been forwarded by the Graduate School to the Counselor Education program, the applicant will be contacted about completing an interview. Links to the application may be found by visiting the website for the East Carolina University Graduate School.