The Elementary Education and Middle Grades Education Department prepares you to be a highly effective teacher who facilitates the learning and development of elementary and middle grades students in the midst of a changing global society.
Our administration and faculty seek to exceed excellence in preparation of our teachers because the education of the children and the young adolescents of North Carolina and our nation depend on our work. We offer you graduate and undergraduate programs in elementary education and in middle grades education.

Elementary Education Program

East Carolina University’s Elementary Education program is nationally recognized for the innovation and effectiveness in preparing knowledgeable, informed, professional teachers. The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education K-6 licensure program prepares you to work successfully with students in NC Public Schools, offering you on-campus undergraduate licensure only for degree holders, and distance education programs through our Partnership Teach program. We also offer you graduate programs for initial licensure through the Master of Arts in Education – Elementary Education program, which allows you to complete an advanced degree if you presently hold an initial K-6 elementary teaching license. Full time cohorts begin in the Spring semester; part-time cohorts begin Summer 1. Concentrations for Elementary Education include: Teacher Leadership, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), or Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG). The TESL cohort is offered during even numbered years while the AIG cohort is offered during odd numbered years. Teaching Children from Poverty is available as a non-degree seeking, certificate only program as a four-course sequence.

Middle Grades Education Program

East Carolina University’s Middle Grades Education program is a nationally award-winning program. The Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education prepares you for an exciting career teaching young adolescents. You will be licensed to teach in Grades 6-9 with two academic concentrations. In the past 5 years, all graduates have successfully found rewarding jobs in middle schools within North Carolina and other areas of the United States. The middle grades program is offered on campus and online for undergraduates and licensure only for degree holders. Distance education programs are offered through our Partnership Teach program. Graduate programs are offered for initial licensure through the Master of Arts in Education – Middle Grades Education program, which offers you part-time cohorts with concentrations in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, beginning Summer 1.