Educators Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

East Carolina University’s College of Education is pleased to have had this opportunity to recognize 21 individuals for their extensive contributions to the field of education. The Educators Hall of Fame was initiated in 1999 to permanently acknowledge education professionals and associations who have made distinguished contributions to the field of education through service and mission. Nominations were secured with a minimum $1000 gift to the College for the establishment of the Educators Hall of Fame Endowment Scholarship. Scholarships are given to outstanding education majors. The awards ceremony was held Saturday, October 20, 2012.

We were honored to receive an address at this year’s ceremony by Sara Hocutt, Scholarship Recipient.

The 2012 Hall of Fame Honorees are listed below. 

NameInduction YearECU Alumni?Plaque Inscription
Joanne Covington Ambrose2012yesHer God,
Her family,
Her country,
Her students...
In that order. To all, she gave her all
Dr. Betty Gurkin Beacham2012Teacher, Curriculum Specialist, Leader,
Advocate for national and community service.
Rebecca B. Brittle2012yesEducator, High School Counselor.
Wife, mother and grandmother.
Adelia Congleton2012yesDedicated educator,
Teacher of the Year,
Model Classroom,
Community Innovator in Civic Beautification
and Historic Preservation.
Daphne Ann Hardee Jones2012yesProud to be a teacher.
Blessed to have touched the future.
Lives everyday enjoying life,
friends, and family
to the fullest!
William Newton Fowler, Jr.,2012yesTeacher and Mentor.
He believed that a person should treat
Each day like it was the first or
The last day of his life.
William Preston Frazier2012yesMusician, Educator, Administrator,
Motivational Leader.
“Today can be a great day;
the choice is yours!”
Dr. Genevieve Hodgin Gay2012yesTeacher, Principal, Associate Superintendent.
To teach is to Touch
a Life Forever.
Robert R. Gotwals, Jr.2012yesPassionate about advancing the authentic and appropriate use of
computing in the sciences.
Science educator, computational scientist, Naval officer,
Braille teacher/transcriber, American Sign Language teacher/interpreter.
“All models are wrong, some are useful” George Box.
Daphne "Billie" Potter Hardee2012yesTeacher, Lover of Children and Learning.
Devoted wife, mother, sister,
daughter and friend.
W. Bryan Latham, M.D.2012In tribute to my teachers,
who gave me life and shaped my future.
Teaching creates all other professions.
Annette Watson MacRae2012yes“She offered caring and service
To her students and co-workers.”
Mildred Griggs Moore2012yesA progressive teacher
who positively impacted the lives of many.
Instilled hope for a better future through education.
Inspired by her beloved E.C.T.C.
Rebecca Mangum Osborne2012yesMany of her former third-grade students,
who advanced to high school, college, or the military,
returned to the school to visit her and give her a hug.
David L. Parke2012yesA day without new knowledge is a day wasted.
Do not be afraid to learn.
Amy Lee Burress Renfrow2012yesHer time with us was brief
But the impact she had upon us is eternal.
Her legacy as a daughter, friend, wife, mother,
and educator will reside in our hearts forever.
Howard L. Sosne, Ph.D.2012Superintendent, Wayne and Pitt County Public schools,
1988 – 2000
An educator affects eternity;
he can never tell where his influence stops.
Dr. Katye Sowell2012Founding Member and President of
North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Traveler, Educator, Mentor, Friend
Dr. Hazel Garris Tripp2012yesModel Educator
Encourager, Motivator, Mentor
State Consultant for Home Economics Education
State Advisor for Future Homemakers of America
Margaret Burnette Wirth2012yesA mathematics educator who inspired her students,
empowered her colleagues,
and served her community.
Frances Rowlette Young2012yesDirector Pitt County Schools Educational Foundation
Church and Community Volunteer