Student Profile: Joel T. Brown

Name: Joel T. Brown

Current degree program: Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration

Previous degrees: 

BS in Middle Grades Education (Math concentration) – Elizabeth City State University

MS in Mathematics Teaching – Elizabeth City State University

Ed.S. in Educational Leadership and Administration – George Washington University

Hometown: Clinton, MD

Hobbies/interests: Huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, traveling to experience new places, hiking for the scenery, fishing

What drew you to pursue your current degree and made you decide to be an educator?

One of my career goals is to teach aspiring teachers and principals at the university level. I did not have any intention of being in the educational field until I was offered a chance to be a teaching fellow. Once I became a teacher, learning how to effectively teach kids and how effective schools operate sparked my interest.

What is your favorite thing about higher education?

The format of the program is very student friendly as students work on their dissertation from the start and receive support and guidance throughout the journey.

What brought you to ECU?

My educational career has been in northeast North Carolina public schools and ECU is well known for producing educational leaders in that region. It was a no brainer on choosing ECU. 

Do you have any advice for students looking to pursue a degree in education?

If you are looking towards getting your Ed.D, ECU is the way to go. Time management is going to be vital and presence will become your middle name. The journey is a marathon of continuous reflection as you are working through your study.