Faculty Profile: Dr. Sarah McCarthy

Name: Dr. Sarah Vach McCarthy

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Special Education, Foundations & Research (SEFR)

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Colleges attended and degrees: B.S, M.Ed., Ph.D. in Special Education @ UNLV

Years working at ECU: Almost 3

What do you love about ECU?

My students and colleagues

What are your research interests?

DATA or it didn’t happen!

Dr. Zhang mentioned that you are working with Dr. Amy Swain on work involving cross sections of different populations of people. Can you give a summary of that work?

I am currently partnered with some colleagues at various institutions looking at school discipline policies at each state level. I also have been really lucky to be brought on several projects working with other departments and universities on teacher preparation, social justice, and anxiety in mathematics.

What is your favorite course that you have taught or currently teach?

SPED 2000 – Introduction to Exceptional Children

What drew you to SEFR and, in particular, special education?

My path may have not always lead to education, but once I had the opportunity to support individuals with disabilities I knew I was never going to do anything else. I also love how enriched education is with data. It paints a picture of what is going on, what needs to happen, and where we can go from here. Did I say I love data?

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies or interests?

I enjoy learning new things such as I have a goal to learn snowboarding and blacksmithing. However, I also love trying to convince my girlfriend to adopt more dogs and some baby ducks!