Hannah Grant

Graduate Assistant



Current title: Research Assistant for the Rural Education Institute; I started as the Member Service (Graduate) Assistant for STEM-Corps East, an AmeriCorps Program under ECU’s College of Education in October 2019.

Hometown: Holly Springs, NC

Hobbies: Baking, cooking, reading, and exploring new things in my community

Colleges attended and degrees: East Carolina University 2015-2019, Bachelors of Social Work; East Carolina University 2019-Present, Masters of Social Work

First Job: Food Lion Feeds Program, 2018, East Carolina University Ambassador

Specializations: I am currently working on completing my Substance Abuse certificate for my Masters of Social Work degree

Years at ECU: 2 years (working), 6 years (attending)

Special Moments in REI: The opportunity to meet and grow with an amazing group of professionals and partners. Every day that I work with the REI team, I feel embraced with compassion. Every day is a new adventure and opportunity to grow. I am very grateful and appreciative to have this opportunity with this team!

What I love about ECU: The drive and motivation the students have to ECU’s motto of “servire”. Every student I have served with or worked with has a story of how someone has helped them and how they want to be that person for others. ECU students are strong, self-starters that are willing to do the hard work to make our world a better place and I’m happy to be a part of that journey!