STEM Corps East

Principal Investigators

Nichelle E. Shuck



The general purpose of the AmeriCorps State programs is to meet identified needs through service in communities, strengthen the ties that bind communities together, and develop the citizenship and skills of AmeriCorps members (“Members”). Activities funded through this grant must help engage Members of all backgrounds in community-based service that provides a direct and demonstrable benefit valued by the community. Service activities must result in a specific documented service or improvement that otherwise would not be provided with existing funds of volunteers and that does not duplicate the routine functions of or displace paid employees within the Subrecipient organization.

Project Goals

To help all students graduate from high school “Career and College Ready” to pursue and complete degrees leading to employment in STEM related careers.

To engage middle grades students in STEM activities that link classroom learning and real world problem solving, help students to master STEM concepts and skills and be ready to succeed in more rigorous high school STEM courses.

Project Period

9/1/2020 – 8/31/2021

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CNCS, established from the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, awards funds to the Commission as appropriated annually through legislation of the federal government to expand opportunities for Americans to serve their communities. The Subrecipient agrees to provide a minimum match equivalent to 29% of the total expended funds received via this award. This requirement has been waived by CNCS.