Integrating the Computer Science for All Initiative in Three Rural Eastern North Carolina School Districts (iCS4All)

Principal Investigators


Integrating the Computer Science for All Initiative in 3 Rural Eastern NC School Districts (iCS4All) envisages building on the trust and relationships engendered by an existing Research Practitioner Partnership (RPP) to enable middle school students to benefit from the integration of specific computer science and computational skills into specific classes.

Project Goals

The project will advance knowledge of how to introduce an educational innovation in rural school districts. Through a combination of ongoing education of principals, teachers, and parents, the project team will research and develop an approach to enhancing students’ understanding of the salience of computer science and computational thinking to their lives and careers.

Project Period

October 1, 2017 — September 30, 2021

Significant Results & Impact

The project will assess students’ understanding of CT/CS, conduct instructional rounds and tuning protocols with teachers to assess the teachers’ implementation and effectiveness, assess principals’ learning-centered leadership, and assess the perceptions of all students, teachers, principals, and parents/caregivers on the efficacy of the program using Q-methodolgy.

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