Student Profile: Candace C. Jacobs


Name: Candace C. Jacobs

Current major/degree program: Masters in Library Science

Previous degrees (if applicable): B.A. in Sociology, minor in Spanish

Hometown: Altadena, CA (current resident of Kernersville, NC)

Hobbies/interests: Cooking, hiking, reading, live music, theater, yoga, traveling

What drew you to pursue your current degree?

Growing up, my family and I visited our local library at least once a week. I have always loved reading and exploring the world through literature. I also loved learning about different cultures, subject matter, and sharing these resources with others. Over time, my enthusiasm deepened, and I realized that I wanted to pursue librarianship as a career.

What made you decide to be an educator?

As I grew and had more educational experiences, I discovered that I also love to research! I have a curious, open mind, and hope to share my enthusiasm for learning with students and faculty.

What brought you to ECU?

I was attracted to ECU’s program because of the strength of the faculty, the superb student services, and the excellent reputation and organization of the program. From the admissions process through my matriculation, I have received so much support and encouragement.

Why do you think libraries are an integral part of our communities?

Libraries are an integral part of communities because they are the centers of culture in societies. Libraries also serve as information centers, training facilities, and neighborhood recreational centers, in some instances. This makes them a vital part of any community in which they serve.

Do you have any advice for students looking to pursue an education degree?

For students who are looking to pursue a degree in education, I would advise that they stay focused on their ultimate goal, make tangible plans to achieve their goals, and seek mentorship and volunteer opportunities in their desired area of study.

Any final thoughts on ECU or majoring in education?

Passion, purpose, dedication, and drive are a few keys to success. Stay true to your vision, be prepared to stretch yourself and grow, and dedicate yourself to working hard so that you can achieve your goals.