REI Faculty: Dr. Robert Quinn

Dr. Robert QuinnName: Robert D. Quinn

Title: Associate Professor of Art Education

Department: School of Art and Design

What do you like about working with REI?

It is refreshing to collaborate with so many other faculty members from across departments to advance rural education.

Can you briefly describe the research/work that you’re doing for school-based mental health supports in rural districts?

I am helping with curriculum delivery through art interventions with the school age participants in mental health programming. We are presenting findings of some pilot research data at national conferences at this time.

Why did you decide to work with REI’s team on this initiative?

I was encouraged by my REI colleagues to engage in the research because there was a specific space in the curriculum that I could deliver some programming that might make a difference in the kids’ lives. I am all for that!

What outcomes/impacts do you hope this work will have?

I hope to be able to see rural districts who want to implement mental health-related supports to be able to do so as a result of our research through funding mechanisms and university-community-school networks.

What has been your favorite part of this work?

Working with the kids through art intervention has been a delight, as has connecting with the art educator in place at the research site.