Spring 2024 Graduate Spotlight: Sophie Adgate

photo of sophie adgate

Name: Sophie Adgate

Major: Special Education-AC and Hispanic Studies    

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC 

Hobbies/interests: I love music and art and experimenting with different art forms, such as crochet, clay, watercolors, and the guitar. On the weekends, I love walking around exploring towns and cities and drinking coffee. My work interests include Spanish and linguistics, equity, and racial and social justice. 

Professor who influenced you the most: Dr. Bethany McKissick is a fantastic professor who taught lots of my special education classes. She’s passionate,  authentic, and always intentional about giving her students the most honest answer. She has introduced me to new books, people, and ideas. I feel very seen and appreciated by her. 

Favorite place on campus: I don’t think I have a favorite place on campus, but I love riding around ECU on the ECU buses. It helped me learn how the parts of campus were connected freshman year and I think they’re very peaceful. I have memories of riding the buses with my client (who has ASD), and the bus drivers and ECU students were always great with him. 

An ECU memory you would like to share: One of my favorite memories is playing ECU intramurals with my brother. We won two championships together, one in sand volleyball and one in flag football. 

Post-graduation plans: After graduation, I will move to Durham to complete a summer research program at Duke. I will investigate the Rosenwald Schools and their impact on the Black Belt region of North Carolina. In the fall, I will begin to teach in a special education classroom.

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