Spring 2024 Graduate Spotlight: Riley Morgan

headshot of Riley Morgan

Name: Riley Morgan

Major: Elementary Education with a concentration in Science

Hometown: Durham, NC

Hobbies: Reading thriller novels, all types of arts and crafts, spending time with my loved ones, and napping!

Professor who has influenced you: So many of my professors have influenced me during my time at ECU, which makes it extremely hard to pick just one, but my elementary science professors were the first to make me feel prepared and capable to be a teacher! Dr. Tammy Lee and Bonnie Glass are the best at providing examples of educational but entertaining science lessons and activities that can be used in the elementary classroom. They’re an iconic duo at ECU and you won’t know what true support is like if you do not take a class with either of them. 

Favorite place on campus: If you’ve never taken a walk through the mall on campus, you’re truly missing out! Seeing everyone on the greenery when the weather’s nice makes it feel like such a community. The Starbucks at the MCSC is a great place as well!

ECU Memory: one of my favorite memories throughout my time at ECU was working for the West End Neighborhood Service Office. Not only was it a chance to help the pirates living on campus, but it also provided me with the opportunity to make connections and lifelong friendships with my coworkers and fellow students. 

Postgrad: I plan to continue with my education at ECU and receive my master’s in Library Science. 

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