Keller receives NC Council for Social Studies student teacher award

headshot of Ryan Keller

History education major Ryan Keller was awarded the North Carolina Council for Social Studies Student Teacher of the Year award. Ryan aims to cultivate a social studies classroom founded on principles of inclusion and tolerance as well as to help students develop historical empathy through the use of inquiry-based pedagogy. Ryan has been supported by clinical teachers Kacey Daw and Elyse Cannon McRae at South Central High School in Pitt County as well as by intern supervisor Rock Morgan.

Keller is currently serving as a student teacher at South Central High School in Pitt County as part of East Carolina University’s history education program. He is a second-degree seeking student, having completed his initial undergraduate with a degree in communications from the University of West Florida.

Keller grew up as a military dependent, living overseas in Japan for almost 10 years in length over two different deployments. This constant moving as a military dependent, in which Keller was able to interact with individuals with a variety of cultural backgrounds, has ultimately informed his approach to teaching and his overall educational goals. He is expected to graduate from ECU on May 3, 2024, and is excited to begin his teaching career this fall.

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