Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Norman McDuffie

photo of Dr. Norman McDuffie in his cap, gown and doctoral hood with Dr. Matt Militello in his graduation regalia
Dr. Norman McDuffie, right, with COE professor, Dr. Matthew Militello

Hometown: Grew up on a little farm in Faison, North Carolina and currently lives in Winterville, North Carolina

Education/Degrees: UNC-Wilmington – bachelor’s degree in math, University of Phoenix – Master’s in School Administration, ECU – Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Why did you choose to become an educator?

A few high school teachers suggested I become a teacher and I didn’t see it at the time. So after college graduation, I did a few jobs in sales. While working one job, I volunteered as a high school basketball coach. One day the principal overheard me tell a parent that I have a math degree and 22 years later, here we are.

What do you love about ECU?

The people!!!! I have met some amazing educators and professors while living in Pitt County. One of the most influential is Dr. Militello, who sent a mass email to Pitt County admin ten years ago. I was one of five administrators who responded and we have been doing Community Learning Exchanges/Equity work ever since. Our relationship has grown over time as he has pushed me personally and professionally. ECU has plenty of resources to support current and future educators. Dr. Ringler, Dr. Hodgkins, along with a few other professors have impacted my life as well. Go Pirates!

What advice or words of wisdom would you share with a future educator?

Education is Bigger than you and you have a gift to reach at least one student, parent, or staff member that no one else will be able to reach! Mindset is Everything / The profession is what you make it / You can impact a student’s life just as a teacher impacted yours. (For me it was Mrs. Brewer, my 7th-grade math teacher)

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