DES students finish summer session

Student participants in the ECU Discoveries in Earth Science (DES) program presented preliminary ideas for science fair projects during the last day of the summer session.

During the three-week summer session, students were able to participate in a variety of activities including building a boat to get off a deserted island at the Time for Science museum, collecting water samples on the Tar River, and digging for fossils at the Aurora Fossil Museum.

Dr. Rhea Miles, the DES director and principal investigator for the program, says this is a rewarding experience for participants and she is eager to see their completed scientific work during the upcoming academic year.

At the end of the day, students were gifted Dr. Miles’ book “Adventures of the STEM Brothers” by Dr. Tony Thompson, the chair of the College of Education’s Department of Mathematics Education, Science Education and Instructional Technology.

DES student participants with staff

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