Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Dr. Laura Levi Altstaedter

Name: Laura Levi Altstaedter

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Degree(s): Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Second Language 

     Education, Virginia Tech

                     MA in History, Latin American Studies, Virginia Tech

                     Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate, Virginia Tech

                     MA in Curriculum and Instruction, Wake Forest 


                     BA in English Language and Translation, University of  

                    Buenos Aires

Why did you choose to be an educator/professor? I come from a family of educators, including my mom, my dad, my sister and my husband, who is also a professor here at ECU. But even if I hadn’t had that inspiration from my family, I would have chosen to be an educator, as it is an extremely fulfilling profession. I have always strived to inspire others to learn foreign languages and about foreign cultures. As a Spanish professor and foreign language teacher educator here at ECU I am in a unique position because not only do I get to teach the language and culture myself, but I also train future foreign language teachers, who will go on to inspire their own students to become multilingual and multicultural!

What do you love about ECU? The collegiality and the opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration! I have been very fortunate to work on projects with colleagues in my home department, Foreign Languages and Literatures (THCAS), as well as with colleagues at ECU’s Rural Education Institute and in the College of Education.

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