Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Dr. Matthew Militello

Name: Matthew Militello

headshot of Dr. Matthew Militello

Hometown: Menominee, Michigan


BEd University of Michigan, 1992
MEd Michigan State University, 1994
PhD Michigan State University, 2004

Why did you choose to be an educator/professor?

Both my parents were educators. My dad was my high school principal! Through him I witnessed what it took to be a student-focused leader. I was able to see how your formal education can put you in a position of privilege in order to impact the lives of students. This led to my formal education as a teacher, school leader, and university faculty member. My mom immigrated from Mexico City when she was 32 years old. And, while she didn’t have a high school education, she was an amazing educator. She was not only an instructor of cultural wisdom within our household, but she also volunteered at a local migrant farm. There I witnessed her ability to help those who were marginalized by the educational system. This experience inspired my scholarly focus— educational equity in general and, specifically, my work with Community Learning Exchanges that magnifies the power of place and wisdom of people.

What do you love about ECU?

ECU provides me the space and support to engage in equity-focused teaching and scholarship with the people of NE North Carolina as well as internationally.

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