Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Edwin Tovar Moran

headshot of Edwin Tovar MoranName: Edwin Tovar Moran

Hometown: Clinton, NC

Major: Secondary History Education

Degrees: Associate in Arts & Associate in Science from Sampson Community College

Why did you choose education?

I chose education because I want to serve an important role in my community. Regarding Hispanic Heritage, I also look forward to serving an essential role in my Hispanic community back home. Several of my classmates in high school (Sampson Early College High School) were Hispanic, but there were no Hispanic teachers. We only had one male teacher in my high school. I am both. I am also a first-generation college student so I can tell my future students about college and what resources helped me succeed.

What do you love about ECU?

I love the people here. I like how students can be supportive of each other. Many people helped me find buildings when I was lost. I helped someone pick up a move-in box from the ground up to the steps of a residence hall. I also love and appreciate the staff of the ECU College of Education. Many of them know me by my first name so I don’t feel like another blank face.

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