College implements new virtual internship supervision model

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, East Carolina University’s College of Education implemented a new virtual internship supervision model utilizing an array of technology tools for observations, evaluations, and communication.

goreact logoThe virtual supervision model is focused on ensuring a high-quality internship experience to prepare candidates to enter the teaching profession. GoReact, an online video capture and feedback platform, allows interns to stream or record in-person or virtual lessons to their supervisors.  Prior to fall 2020, GoReact was already used extensively in our program for early practicum experiences and Mursion simulation recordings.

In addition to GoReact, university supervisors use web-conferencing tools such as WebEx or Microsoft Teams to complete required three way post-observation conferences with clinical teachers and interns. A new placement management software, Sonia, permits interns and clinical teachers to complete all forms electronically while also allowing the Office of Educator Preparation and Office of Clinical Experiences to seamlessly communication updates to interns, supervisors, and clinical teachers.

“Coupled with our robust internship evaluations and digital tools, the new supervision model proves that educator preparation programs at ECU can excel with remote instruction and supervision,” said Dr. Holly Fales, director of assessment, data management and digital learning in the College of Education. “Supervisors have found GoReact to be a valuable feedback and reflection tool for internship, in many ways allowing for more in-depth feedback than traditional observations. Our supervisors and interns have thrived with this new model and we hope to incorporate successful aspects of this as part of continuous educator preparation program improvement.

To facilitate the shift to virtual instruction, the Office of Assessment, Data Management, and Digital Learning designed an online University Supervisor training course in Canvas in Summer 2020. This course provides training for internship evaluation instruments and the new technological tools required for virtual supervision.

In addition to the new training, four experienced supervisors that excelled in virtual supervision during the Fall are now serving as mentors for other University Supervisors through the new Advocates for Remote Internship Supervision and Evaluation (ARISE) program. As mentors, the ARISE mentors serve as first line support for supervision questions and support.

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