REI completes final CLE at Pines Elementary

Jasmine Garland McKinney gets ready to hand a CARE package and personal pizza to a student at Pines Elementary.

CARE Coach Jasmine Garland McKinney has a CARE package and personal pizza ready to hand to a student at the final CLE event at Pines Elementary School on June 9.

The Rural Education Institute faculty members conducted their final Community Learning Exchange (CLE) at Pines Elementary School in Washington, N.C., in conjunction with the school’s 5th-grade Graduation Drive-by Celebration on June 9.

This CLE was a part of the Matrix of CARE funded by REI’s Department of Public Instruction School Safety Grant with Washington County Schools.

During the event, the team shared personal pan pizzas from the newly opened Pizza Hut in Plymouth with the students as well as CARE packages to students and families. The packages included psycho-educational materials for families, children’s literature, and reminders on how to use coping and resiliency strategies over the summer months.

Approximately 85 students and their families were hosted during this event and the school plans to follow up with the students and families who were unable to attend and give them their CARE package.

Teachers, teacher assistants, the school counselor, CARE coach, ECU counseling education faculty, REI faculty, the principal, assistant principal, school board members, and the interim superintendent participated in the drive-by event.

“It was a fun event, hot but so worthwhile,” said Dr. Kristen Cuthrell, REI director. “The school was very appreciative of the support and we were so excited to be able to offer a CLE — albeit modified for COVID-19.”

In addition to this, the REI team have been sending CARE packages to all of Garland McKinney’s CARE students. These packages include snacks, notes and Bounce Back items that reinforced concepts that Garland McKinney was working with them on in groups.

“Jasmine has one of the kids Google Voice call her this weekend to tell her how excited the student was to receive the package and materials,” Cuthrell said.

The Matrix of Collaborative Action for Resilience in Education (CARE) incorporates cognitive behavior therapy and classroom supports for students impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Dr. Loni Crumb, Jasmine Garland McKinney and Dr. Kristen Cuthrell help out at the final CLE event at Pines Elementary School.

CARE coach Jasmine Garland McKinney, center, helped conduct the final CLE event at Pines Elementary with Dr. Kristen Cuthrell, right, and Dr. Loni Crumb, left.

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