Dr. Allison Crowe wins national counseling research award

Dr. Allison Crowe

Dr. Allison Crowe

Dr. Allison Crowe, an associate professor in counselor education, was awarded the 2020 American Counseling Association Best Practices Research, Faculty Award.

This national award recognizes a best practices research project conducted by a counselor education faculty member that furthers the evidence base for counseling practice.

“I am honored that my research is being recognized by the American Counseling Association,” Dr. Crowe said. “Being a counselor is a demanding job, so exploring the ways that we can buffer against the challenges is important to me. It is nice that our profession is also recognizing this issue.”

Dr. Crowe won this award for her research examining the psychometrics of the Short Grit Scale (Grit-S) with a sample of school counselors. Grit is perseverance and passion for goals, despite setbacks and challenges.

“School counselors face many job-related challenges, thus we wanted to measure levels of grit and how this related to other internal variables,” Dr. Crowe said. “We explored the relationship between participants’ grit, stress, burnout, and life satisfaction. The Grit-S demonstrated good internal consistency and factorial validity. Higher grit correlated with lower stress and burnout, and greater life satisfaction.”

Only two people were selected for this award across the nation. Dr. Crowe will accept the award at the American Counseling Association’s annual conference in April in San Diego, California.

The American Counseling Association is the world’s largest organization representing professional counselors in various practice settings.

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