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Theory & Practice in Rural Education has published its second issue called “Co-Teaching in Rural Contexts: Exploring Collaboration in the Classroom.”

This issue explores the use of co-teaching in ways that speak to the reorganization of resources, specifically teachers and staff, to meet the learning needs of all students; the effects of co-teaching on student learning within rural settings; and the adaptation of co-teaching within teacher education to prepare more collaborative novice teachers.

The articles included in this issue are:

  • The Effect of Co-teaching on Student Cognitive Engagement – Wendy Whitehair Lochner, Wendy W. Murawski & Jaime True Daley
  • Co-teaching: Equity for English Learners? – Heather P. Williams & Robert W. Ditch
  • The Future of Field Experiences in Distance Education: A Case Study of Co-teaching Practices in a Telepresence-Facilitated Field Placement – Eileen Wertzberger
  • Mutual Mindsets: The Hassles and Hopes of Co-teaching in Teacher Preparation – Allen Guidry and Christy Howard
  • Supporting Student and Preservice Teacher Successes Through Co-teaching – Tammy Lankford Barron, Holly Henderson Pinter & Kim K. Winter
  • Co-planning Strategies for Mentor Teachers and Interns – Maureen Grady, Charity Cayton, Ronald V. Preston & Rose Sinicrope

Manuscripts for the third issue, to be released this spring, were accepted from Sept. 1 through Dec. 15, 2019.

Currently, TPRE is accepting manuscripts for a special issue on rural gifted learners. The deadline to submit is Feb. 28, 2020. More information about submitted manuscripts for the special issue can be found here:


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