Saipan's Land and Sea: Battle Scars & Sites of Resilience is accepting applications

Hello educators! Have you made your summer travel plans yet? Would you like to spend a week learning about military and conflict history on the island of Saipan in the western Pacific? If so, come join us for a summer program funded by the NEH to bring K-12 educators to Saipan to study military and conflict history. The program, Saipan’s Land and Sea: Battle Scars & Sites of Resilience, provides educators an incomparable opportunity to interact with a continuous, intact, and largely undisturbed record of conflict history outside of museum walls on the island of Saipan. Saipan’s land and seascape hold battle scars from both Japanese and US military during the Battle for Saipan. Landmarks also demonstrate sites of resilience from the civilian experience of indigenous Chamorro and Carolinians and Okinawan and Japanese. These enduring landmarks provide a view of WWII history and heritage from multiple perspectives and voices.

M4 Sherman tank rusts by the shore of a beach on Saipan.

An M4 Sherman tank rusts by the shore of a beach on Saipan, a remnant of the island’s history during World War II. East Carolina University researchers Anne Ticknor and Jennifer McKinnon will lead workshops on Saipan’s military history next summer for 72 K-12 educators. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer McKinnon)

The program is led by a mostly indigenous project team comprised of educators, historians, archaeologists, authors, and cultural guides. Anne Ticknor from East Carolina University is the project director and has been working with educators on Saipan to offer this program for educators interested in learning more about the history of conflict in the Pacific.

The July 2020 program will consist of 2 one-week programs (July 1-7 OR July 8-14, 2020) that focus on military history on and around Saipan. Participants will learn about conflict history through reading, talking, listening, exploring land and sea, and interacting with the landmark sites and community. The program will be hosted by Kagman High School on Saipan, and educators will receive a $1200 stipend at the conclusion of the program to help offset travel costs.

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