NSF IUSE Grant to Support Math Teacher Education at National Scale

A cross-institutional team received $1.8 million over five years as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grant for her work entitled “Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology – Examining Student Practice [PTMT-ESP].

PTMT-ESP brings together a cross-institutional team — Jennifer Lovett (Middle Tennessee State University), Allison McCulloch (UNC-Charlotte), Charity Cayton (East Carolina University), and Hollylynne Lee (North Carolina State University).

The team will rely on research focused on students’ reasoning to create, refine and study video-enhanced materials to use as curriculum materials for preservice high school mathematics teachers. These materials will give those teachers authentic engagement with students learning mathematics. The research will then continue to investigate ways preservice teachers are able to examine, make sense of, and plan interactions with students solving algebraic tasks with technology.

Eventually, these materials will expand the PTMT portal to include a series of video cases that illustrate ways high school students reason when solving algebraic tasks with dynamic technology tools that include multiple representations of algebraic objects and ways of interacting with those objects. These material will be freely available as part of the web-based PTMT portal, currently used by 450 university faculty and other teacher professional development providers.


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