Diversity Directory

COE Diversity Committee - Directory
Picture of Benjamin Blaisdell
Benjamin Blaisdell
Associate Professor
COE Spec Ed Found and Research
Mail Stop: 504
Dept. of Special Education, Foundations, and Research Speight 135, Mail Stop 504
Picture of Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
Associate Professor
Math Science and Instr Tech Edu
Mail Stop: 566
321 Flanagan Building
Picture of Loni Crumb
Loni Crumb
Associate Professor
COE Interdisciplinary Professio
Picture of Matthew Militello
Matthew Militello
Professor and Chair
Educational Leadership
Mail Stop: 504
220 Ragsdale
Picture of Julie Stanley
Julie Stanley
Assistant Professor
COE Elem Ed Middle Grade Ed
Mail Stop: 504
Picture of Ran Hu
Ran Hu
Associate Professor
COE Litrcy Stud Engl Ed Hist Ed
Mail Stop: 504
Speight 208 East Carolina University