Student Profile: Michaela Sneed-Shoulars

Name: Michaela Sneed-Shoulars

Current degree program: Elementary Education with a concentration in reading

Hometown: Roanoke Rapids, NC

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy doing Bible studies, spending time with family and friends, helping others, listening to music, traveling, watching television, and shopping!

What drew you to pursue your current degree?

I’ve always wanted a career that would enable me to help others, so I knew that being an elementary school teacher would enable me to do that. Pursuing a degree in Elementary Education will enable me to achieve my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher, so that drew me to this degree.

What made you decide to be an educator?

My mom and brother were two major influences on my decision to become an educator. Since a young age, I’ve enjoyed helping my younger brother learn! I used to create lesson plans for fun and teach the lessons to my brother before he even started elementary school! Also, my mom is an elementary school teacher, so seeing how passionate she is about teaching motivated me to go into the field of education. My mom is my teaching role model, so she continues to inspire me to be an educator.

Why did you choose ECU?

I chose ECU because I liked the university since my aunt brought me on my first campus tour a few years ago. During that campus tour, I was informed that ECU is the top school in North Carolina for future educators. Therefore, I knew this was the place I wanted to be! I went on this tour years before applying to ECU and establishing that I wanted to major in elementary education. A few years later around the time I was going to apply to ECU, I did another campus tour with my family. Seeing the beautiful campus again and learning about the wide range of resources ECU has to help me succeed played a huge role in choosing ECU!

How did being a part of the Education Community of Scholars and living-learning community shape your college experience?

Being a part of the Education Community of Scholars and Living-Learning Community has positively shaped my college experience. Being a part of these programs has been one of the highlights of my college journey and I am grateful to be a part of these programs. I’ve met other future educators through the ECOS and ELLC, which has continued to inspire me throughout my ECU journey. Being involved in these programs has enabled me to learn about additional opportunities that can help me grow and succeed. Furthermore, I am a recipient of the Maynard Scholarship, which has been a gigantic blessing throughout my time at ECU.

Do you have any advice for students looking to pursue an education degree?

My advice is for students to consider if they are truly passionate about going into the education field. Students should also consider how pursuing an education degree can help them positively impact others. I think education is one of the most rewarding fields because there’s never too much to learn, so there is never too much to teach! However, I think students who are considering pursuing an education degree must think about how earning this degree will impact their lives, as well as the lives of others.

Is there anything else you would like to say about ECU or pursuing an elementary education degree?

My experience as an ECU student pursuing an elementary education degree has been wonderful! Although every part of the journey hasn’t been easy, I have had to remember to trust the process and endure! I’ve had some great instructors at ECU and have had the pleasure of establishing connections with some great people in the College of Education. I think students who desire to pursue an elementary education degree should know that the College of Education is here to support them in the best ways possible to achieve their academic goals. Go Pirates!